Lash Extension After-care recommendations

Hello lash lovers! I bet you are!

I know lash extension maintenance is not easy but I will guide you through every tiny tini detail to make sure your lashes (the most important beauty investment 😉 last the longest and stay the cleanest, healthiest possible. Who wouldn’t love that!?

Here are lash extension after-care recommendations from Brow Secret (Orlando, Florida):

  1. Do not wet the eyelashes for the first 10 hours after extension and no hot shower in 24 hours. Years ago, it used to be 24h but it shortens to 10h thanks to nano mister. The reason is water and temperature interfere with the lash extension glue’s polymerization, which means they will affect lashes retention and they will fall out faster in this case. You don’t want your investment to last 1 week when it can normally last more than 3 weeks right??
  2. Do not visit saunas (hot temperatures above 78F)), Avoid freezing cold temperature (-30F) first day after procedure. The glue starts to loose its bonding strength => Bad Retention
  3. Avoid oily cosmetics on eyelashes and eyelids. As I always tell my clients, anything oily affects the glue bonding, the lashes will start falling out like crazy when you use oily cosmetic products near the eyes area. So, no oily products!!
  4. Do not tear and pull the eyelashes, as well as rubbing the eyes. Any excessive physical impact can damage your natural eyelashes and cause irritation to the eyes.
  5. Do not curl the lashes, no mascara, especially water proof mascara and eyeliner. Extension is made from synthetic fiber, so heat will cause damage to its shape or burnt. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner will cause lashes to stick together and will be painful to clean for the next lash extension procedure, and eventually cause bad retention.
  6. Keep the face away from heat to avoid burning your lash extensions. Lash Extension is made from synthetic fiber, it will get burn when contact with high heat and will lose its shape permanently.
  7. Do not remove lashes by yourself. Only lash technicians know how to remove properly without damaging natural lashes.
  8. Wash the eyelashes daily with water-based cleanser in the direction of their growth. Yes! using water-based cleanser products has many benefits: keep lashes fresh and fluffy, clear of cosmetic products, dead skin or dust, less chances to develop allergy on the eyes, best retention for the next lash extension procedure. If you don’t know what cleanser to buy, ask your lash technician for a consultation.
  9. Try not to sleep with your face in your pillow. Now this is the tricky one, huh? There is a solution! Invest in a silk pillow will help you with this issue, who knows it will make you sleep more comfortable.
  10. Brush the lashes no more than 3 times daily when lashes are dry, be gentle, without touching the base of the lashes. Brushing will take out lashes that are shed (end of lash cycle)- normally they are twisting and tangling, and will keep lashes in shape and order.

Last but not least. I’m confident that I give you the best advice on how to keep lashes healthy, clean and last as long as possible, as well as successful lash extension procedures. I’m sure my small piece of art will be taken good care of :p

Thank you for your patience.

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Best regards,

Emma Tran.


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