What exactly is Permanent Makeup

My first impression was just like most people would ask: is permanent makeup makeup that last forever?

Master performs permanent makeup on eyelids by making decorative arrow. Permanent makeup eyelids concept

Perhaps it has given this name to make it sounds different than other names that represent the same thing: Cosmetic Tattooing and Micropigmentation which are more technical correct. So, permanent makeup refers to a cosmetic technique that involves the application of pigment into the upper layer of the skin, typically in areas such as the eyebrows, eyelids, lips and cheeks,…

The process is quite similar to getting a tattoo. A trained professional will use a handheld device with needle to deposit selected pigment into the desired area. Procedure normally requires numbing gel or cream as client preferred in order to reduce the pain if there is. Post procedure and after-care instruction will be given to achieve the best outcome as the final look is the result of 50% expertise and 50% skin condition and how the area is taken care of.

The purpose of permanent makeup is to enhance or mimic traditional makeup, creating long-lasting effects that can save time and effort in daily beauty routines. If procedure is done successfully and well taken care of, permanent makeup can help create the appearance of fuller eyebrows, defined eyes, or colored lips. It can be particularly beneficial for individuals with sparse or thin eyebrows, those who have lost their natural eyebrow hair, people with vision impairment that can’t do makeups, those looking for a more long-lasting makeup solution to fit their lifestyles,… Alopecia patient, or people who are looking for a positive change about their looks.. the list goes on. Permanent makeup undoubtedly benefits many groups of people. Now after acknowledged its purpose, permanent makeup have paved its own path from the tattoo industry.

As a professional, permanent makeup artist will determine if clients is a candidate for a procedure or not, and what type of service suite them the most to bring out beautiful results. Two important thing is: client’s health condition, client’s skin type.

As a client, knowing skin type, expectation, and understand after-care will help them knowing what they getting and what to expect for the end result.

Lastly, permanent makeup is actually semi-permanent because it involves touching up and correction due to the color lightfastness of the deposited pigment and skin function. That’s why artists recommend client to come back for annual touch-up or correction if needed. However, if cosmetic tattoo does last forever, then it officially a tattoo, and there will be more complications to make it right. ( There will be a discussion about this soon!)

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