Our Story

Our main goal was to create a timeless art work on our Clients in Orlando or clients from anywhere in the world!

Our passion for Lash Extension and Permanent Makeup can never end!


We Love What We Do

People that you’ll meet in Brow Secret are doing jobs they love. Come and see there is a difference. Owner Emma is inspired by top masters and beauty she finds in everyday life. 

Personalized Experience

Each guest is our favorite guest. We take time to select the right product, technique and carefully customize the look that fit you the most.

Top Quality Products

Brow Secret protect clients' safety first. We use medical grade adhesive, EU REACH compliant pigments only, and EPA's registered antimicrobial disinfectant. Clients should not take unknown risks to become more beautiful. 

Our Story

Since I was a little girl in my small country – Vietnam, all I did most days was focusing on doing meticulous things like sewing Barbie’s clothes, building houses from sticks and banana leaves,.. So I realized I developed very high focus ability unlike other friends. However, I never thought about becoming anyone at the time.
In 2016, I got into Lash industry very soon after I moved to America. Through ups and downs being a newbie in the industry, I learned to be persistent and never give up on my passion. I knew I was going to open my own studio one day when I was working for a salon. While working my way to a professional Lash Artist, I fell in love with Permanent Makeup. I had several training courses with famous trainer in the state and out of the country. My dream became bigger the more I learn, I finally open my own small studio named Brow Secret in Orlando, Florida in the end of year 2021 with the hope to pursue expertise in what I do and hope to bring positive impacts on my clients’ lives. 
On every walks of life, I’m looking forwards to give all my clients the same delicacy, quality of work and most importantly responsibility.  

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

– Emma Tran

Our Team

Team Member Emma Tran Owner - Licensed Lash & Tattoo Artist
Team Member
Emma Tran
Owner - Licensed Lash & Tattoo Artist

My Stories

I graduated from a famous high school in Hue, Vietnam. After that, I moved to a busier city, Ho Chi Minh city, to get my Business Administration  Bachelor’s degree at Ho Chi Minh Banking University.

Unexpectedly, I got an interview letter for U.S Immigration from America. I did not know what to do and had to quit college due to financial hardship. I started working at a Japanese Sushi Bar. Then, I work as an assistant and secretary for an Ozone Water treatment company – Calitech, partnered with ClearWater Tech Inc. At the time, I thought I had the best job in my life, there was no way I was going to change my industry. 

However, the letter became something real, it returned the second time said that my family and I were going to move to America. This is the second time around my life plan changed drastically, for good.

Started my life all over again in the United States, I worked for Maxim eyelashes Salon as a Lash Extensionist in 2016. I quit in 2019 because I had different plans and directions for my career. I had to do something else at many different salons after that for 2 years.

Right before Covid happened,  I opened an online supply business but It didn’t go well. I lost a good amount of money and learnt my lesson in return. During this time, I invested a lot of my time and money on my Permanent Makeup training, including: Microblading, Nano hairstroke, Lip blush, Lip neutralization, Tattoo Remoov. 

2 Years after Covid, I set myself on a different path with my young daughter. Because my new lifestyle require a more flexible job and I was dreaming about owning a business one day, I decided to risk it one more time to open a beauty studio knowing timing did not do me a favor. 

It is going to be 2 years at the beginning of 2024 since I started working on my own. Of course nothing is easy from the start, I have had ups and downs. That is why I’m very thankful for what I could do and all the support from my life long loyal clients. My goal is to find the right path to aesthetic pleasure and healthy transformation, in other words, I’m looking for perfectionism in what I do. 

Brow Secret studio mainly offer eyelash extension, permanent makeup, along with other services such as waxing, tinting, PMU lightening. I treasure your time at Brow Secret studio and hope you happily carry away pretty results with a peace of mind.

Trainer who most influenced me: 


Master Celine Tran – Novalash 2016 Lashoff Finalist

Master Microblading Thao Tran 

Master W-Brow Nataliya Yeremenko 

Master Anna Gala, Linda Paradis – Tattoo Remoove technique

Master Nguyen Thi Thai Hau – SexybrowGH

Tesstattoo – Lip Tattoo Artist

Teryn Darling – Founder of LI pigment

Brands that I have worked with:


Bella Lash

Lash Boxla

Relevant training:

Ned Mueller – An Artist that I respect and had portraiture training from.