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We enhance individial beauty with state-of-the-art technologies and personalized service. Our professional team is ready to provide the greatest service you’ve ever had.

Permanent Makeup

Wake up with makeup! A 2-hour procedure can last up to 2 years. We will give you good measurement, right techniques using top quality supplies and you will be "Fabulous" to go.

Microblading/Nano Brow $400

This technique enhance the fullness of the brows using fine set of needles that deposits pigment into the epidermis layer of skin, resulting in hair-stroke effects permanent makeup on clients’ brows. Read more

Emma's Signature Brow $500

Inspired by top makeup artists on Instagram - Mario, Emma wants to create a brow design that can transform every brow to a more charismatic and fuller brow while still keep it natural. It’s a combination between nano hair stroke and ombre brow technique.

Ultra-realistic Brow $500

Ultra-Realistic Brow is created using a tattooing machine and a single needle to draw very fine strokes illustrating the look of a fluffy brow. This technique results in an ultimate natural brow effect on men and women with or without natural brow hair. 

Powder/Ombre Brow $400

Powder/Ombre brow is for clients who love the makeup looks using a small machine to insert pigment slightly onto the dermis layer of the skin. The look can be soft or defined depends on colors chosen and other factors.

Lip Blush $600

Lip blush is a gentle PMU procedure to enhance the beauty of natural lip color, giving the definition and the illusion of the fullness. On the other hand, the procedure renews the skin mucus which brings a more youthful lip.

Lash Enhancement $300

Lash enhancement is precisely done using the shading technique to create an ultra-thin black line along the lash line, resulting in the illusion of fuller, darker lashes.

Tattoo Removal

FDA regulated and zero-risk are two in so many reasons why we bring Tattoo Remoov to help our clients.

Brow $200

Remove old or even new brow tattoo that is unwanted. Clients are also benefited from the removal procedure which brings about improving of the skin and growing of new hairs.

Lip $300

Lip removal is a perfect solution for old, uneven PMU colors on the lips without traumatizing the skin. This procedure gives clients healthier skin after few sessions.

Eyelash Extension

Lash extension enhances the fullness, length, curl of the natural eyelashes and complements the eye shape. At Brow Secret, a new set can last 4-6 weeks until the last extension fall out, depending on the lash cycle which varies in clients. 

There are many styles that we offer our clients: Kim K Wispy, Cat-eye, Doll-eye, Squirrel-eye, Eyeliner, Natural or open-eye... you name it! 

Natural $200

Natural look gives enough enhancement to the fullness of the eyelashes. This set looks beautiful but also realistic at the same time.

Volume $250

Volume look is really full and fluffy. It is an ideal set for clients who loves the makeup look and want to be ready whenever they wake up in the morning. At Brow Secret, volume lash feels natural, soft to the touch and is always on trend.

Megavolume $300

Megavolume is perfectly full and quite dramatic on the eyes. This look is for clients who often wear heavy makeup for work, lifestyle or special events. To keep the natural lashes healthy, this is not always the good option for some clients.

Hybrid $230

Hybrid look is a combination of the fullness of Volume and natural finish of Classic look at the very top of the lash set. 

Fill-in (3 Weeks) $90 And Up

$80 for Natural Lash

$90 for Volume Lash and Hybrid Lash

$100 for Megavolume

$50 Extra charge after each week.

Brow Shaping & Hybrid Tint

Allow us to give you the brow design that make your face stands out by shaping following your face structure.

Brow Shaping $40

We will shape your brows following your natural face shape and give some advices to help you get back the brows you love. Including shaping eyebrows and waxing.

Brow Hybrid Tint $50

Brow Secret uses an innovative Dye designed to achieve extra-long-lasting results with shades that leave a powerful stain on the skin and brow hairs. The Hybrid Dye leaves a stain on the skin for up to ten days and on the brow hairs for up to six weeks. Vegan friendly, cruelty-free, Paraben-free.


We remove unwanted hair and exfoliate dead skin by satin smooth wax!

                Eyebrows 10$

                Upper Lip 10$

                Chin 15$

                Full Face 40$


                Underarms 25$

                Half Arms 30$

                Full Arms 40$

                Half Legs 40$

                Full Legs 60$

                Chest 35$ +

                Back 55$ +

                Bikini 40$

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers on frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

During the Tattoo Removal procedure, we technically surf on the epidermis without damaging the deeper layers of the skin which is the dermis. Therefore, Tattoo Removal is not painful but can be unpleasant sometimes.

Microblading on oily skin may heal really blurry and can be patchy at some point due to the excess amount of oil in the skin. We normally don’t recommend Microblading for clients who have oily skin. Best technique for oily skin is Ombre/Powder brow.

Nano Brow is known for creating the best hair stroke illustration on the skin and less invasive than Microblading. Clients who love hair stroke design can choose Nano Brow over Microblading for their delicate skin. On the other hand, Ombre Brow can overwork the delicate skin sometimes since we have to go over many pass to create 3D effect. To come up with the best solution for this type of skin, a good artist will pick either Nano Brow or Ombre/Powder brow with less passes.

This really depends on your lash cycle which is 30-60 days from the time your natural lash start growing until shedding. After about 3-4 weeks, you should expect to have around 50-30% of the extensions remaining, that is why this is the right time for a fill.


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