Permanent Makeup After-care

A beautiful and long lasting Permanent Makeup comes from 50% artistic factor and another 50% results from well done after-care.

While promising to give clients the most successful PMU procedure, Brow Secret artist advises clients to carefully follow after-care instructions below:

  • First 2 hours: Keep PMU areas dry. Blot with cotton pad or Q-tips, DO NOT let the “fluid” (wound drainage) dry and become crusty. Be cautious: the crust/scab can cause loss/uneven pigmentation because pigment will come off with the scab when it sheds. Apply a thin layer of MicroBalm to the brow, blot off the excess whenever there is clear fluid.
  • First 72 hours: apply MicroTonic 2 times daily ensuring a clean environment. Simply apply a small amount to gauze or a cotton pad and gently wipes the areas. For dry skin: Apply MicroBalm 2/3 times daily as needed. Do not touch with your unwashed hand.
  • Day 3-4: Brow color seem a lot darker because of the dead blood cells dried up in the scab then scab will start flaking off. Do not scratch, rub or pick at your brows; brows will be patchy if do so. Do not use any makeup on or near the areas until skin heal. Purchase new cosmetic product to use on other areas on the face to avoid contamination or bacterial infection.
  • Day 7-10: Eyebrow heeled but pigment still hasn’t showed true color yet. New skin at the moment doesn’t have the right amount of melanin, so brows look lighter than they will be.
  • Week 4-5: Color appears darker, and this is the right color.

DO NOT do these activities during skin healing process: Swimming, sauna, exercise, direct sun, hot shower at least 7-10 days. Apply MicroBalm before showering, avoid putting your face directly under the water stream, and make sure to clean and blot dry the areas. Always use sunblock for the PMU area during healing phase to protect it from fading/changing due to UV rays from the sun. Sunscreen is recommended on PMU for longer lasting results. 


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